Monday, May 16, 2011


Picked up my Runes today!  Have not used them in a very long time as I have been working with rods and tarot a lot.  WOW!  They always amaze me!  It is really spooky how pulling a Rune can tell you exactly how your current situation is and how to come out of it!  They are an amazing reminder of "you are exactly where you need to be at this time", but at the same time giving you an answer or indication as to why you are where you need to be!!!  Glad I went to see Thor yesterday with my kids, it made me think of my Runes and that I should use them more!  They gave me a HUGE insight!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Oh Crap My Mother-In-Law is a GHOST!!!

I was trying to decide which story to share next on my blog and I think one of the funniest for me is the following story.  It wasn’t that funny at the time, quite annoying actually but it all turned out in the end!

My mother-in-law had been suffering with cancer for a few years, and when the time came my father-in-law put her in a hospice.  It was a wonderful place, the people there are truly angels on earth!  The one thing I have not mentioned is that my mother-in-law was not one of my biggest fans, she was civil to me and we had our good moments but there was always an underlying knowledge that she did not like me..or that I was just not good enough for her son.  You know the typical mother-in-law thing!  She was in the hospice for approximately 4 days when we received a call from my father-in-law saying that my husband had to come, she was slipping away.

My in-laws are not religious in anyway, not sentimental either…strong Scots.  Between my father-in-law and sister-in-law they decided to have a family service at her beside, (about an hour after she died) then have her cremated the next day and then a month or so later have a celebration of her life.

When we arrived at the hospice for the service and walked into her room I saw her standing on the other side of the room, she was a ghost, she hadn’t crossed over…I kept my eyes down and tried to not make any eye contact.  The minister came in and started the service.  My mother-in-law then proceeded to walk around and stand in front of her daughter, then her husband …. I’m still trying my best not to look at her … then she comes up to my husband … she just stood there staring at him almost nose to nose …. I couldn’t help myself, I MADE EYE CONTACT!!! 

It was like something out of a horror film – or at least it was for me!  She slowly turned her head and realized that I could see her.  She started freaking out at me, how dare I and how dare I not tell her that I could see and talk to ghosts/spirits (I just laughed at that, visualizing sitting them down and telling these Atheists that I “see dead people, YUP).  Remember…. that the nice lovely service is going on around me, she is FREAKING out at me and I’m trying to look calm, SAD and normal.   As soon as the service was over I couldn’t get out of there quick enough to tell my husband.  My mother-in-law stayed behind with her husband and I thought maybe just maybe, she’ll cross over as I saw her Mum and Dad standing next to her bed waiting to take her across.

NOT!!!!  I wasn’t going to get off that quickly or easily when it came to her.  She stuck around for months, she’d show up in my friend’s cars, she’d fry our tv, she’d turn lights on and off, she’d show up at my meditations and bug everyone in the room.  We had some wicked fights (nothing like arguing with your dead mother in law) and during all this I tried everything in my power to cross her over, my mentor/teacher tried, we even spent a whole evening with our circle trying to cross her over…this woman was going nowhere other then MY house.  By what she told me was she was trying to mend her ways with my husband, trying to help him.  My husband tried talking to her, even though he doesn’t have the gift of seeing her.  Nothing worked. 

Then one evening I was meditating and I asked my guides to please find someone who could help this woman – and US have peace.  I finished my meditation and walked into my bedroom, and there she was…happy times!  And all of a sudden in walks another man, very funny, really nice and with a strong Scottish accent.  He told me he was “Frank”, she seemed really happy to see him, they talked for a brief moment and then he took her across.  I was SHOCKED!  Who was this man?  I called everyone I knew on the other side, family members, friends yet in walks Frank and she goes!!!  If I knew this Frank guy could of done this so easily I would of called him in months before!!!!

I called my husband and asked if he knew who Frank was and he explained to me that it sounds like his Great Uncle and that everyone LOVED this man, he was full of live and an all around great guy!  And that it would make complete sense that his mother would go with him as she really thought a lot of him!  As you can imagine after months of putting up with her antics I was not pleased with my husband for not telling me about good ol’ Uncle Frank!!

Finally some peace from my mother-in-law!!!  Trust me embrace your mother-in-law, ok embrace may be a strong word, but try your best to get along… because they may be pain in the butts when they are alive but dead they are 100% worse!!!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Twitter & Facebook

I have been trying to set up twitter and facebook forte is NOT social media!!!  It is 100% easier speaking to the dead then trying to figure out how to link all three pages and what to actually do with them...oh my!
Never mind trying to find friends on these sites....maybe I should get my 9 year old to help me, actually my 5 year old is more computer literate then I am. 
I'll be happy when all this is set up and I can get down to doing the stuff that makes it all so interesting and worth it all!!!

Who is Supernatural Seeker and What is a divination????

I am a seeker of all things supernatural. I have been on a journey for many years.  As a kid I was always terrified and felt like I was always being watched.  Now after many years of study I realize that I am able to sense, see and talk to the dead.  It has taken me awhile to learn how to hone my gifts and honestly to figure out why it is a gift.  I tell a story about how when I was a teenager, my older brothers would go out, my mother would be at work and I was left in the house alone, as soon as it was dusk, I would run frantically through our house switching on every light.  I would then position myself in a corner of a room that I could see every direction, at the time I would tell my family and friends it was because I was frightened that a robber would come in the house.  Now I understand that fear, and realize I was sensing the spirits and ghosts in our home and didn't know how to deal with it.  But thanks to some wonderful mentors over the years I have learned not to be afraid and embrace my gift.

My studies have allowed me to open up to many other supernatural things, to learn and see things that I would of never thought existed.  My gifts have allowed me to help many people who are hurting from a loss or who are terrified by something they have experienced.  It has allowed me to help my kids who have also been blessed with this gift, especially my daughter....who at a young age of 9 says "I don't understand why someone would be afraid of a spirit or ghost...they are only people who need our help"...I wish I gave her that line, but she watches TAPS and that is one of their quotes! But it is 100% the truth, they are only people.

I have experienced over the years some that are not people, and are not pleasant or nice, but we will leave that for another post!!!  Way to heavy to talk about in my opening blog!!

Enough about me, lets move on to what the heck is a divination????  Divination is a big word used to explain the tools used for communicating with the other side, or getting messages from "somewhere"...divinations have been used forever..and I mean forever!  There is a huge number of divinations, some I will try and do experiments with to see if we are getting messages or if it is something worldly... some examples of divinations are tarot, ruins, tea leaves, rods and pendulums. Some I WILL NOT be trying are reading cow poo, or urine, or animal intestines.  I'm all for learning but I think you'll all agree with me on this one!!!!!
I will post photos and lessons on how to use the divinations and then the results of the tests.  I am also thinking of posting youtube videos on using the divinations as well and will link it all together for everyone to use.

This is going to be a ton of fun and hopefully we will get some really interesting results!!

I look forward to hearing some of your experiences and if you need any help please feel free to post any questions!!!